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Cosplay Photos ? Post Here !!!

Started by Maiku, March 07, 2007, 10:21:05 AM

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Kakashi Animeall


Hehehehe....mumpung masih bs masuk forum, bikin double post ah... :siul: :siul:  tp yg file 169 itu ntah apa maksudna... :dots:

~ Need a time to sleep n take a rest ~
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fotonya arisa mizuhara...cosplayer profesional dari jepang...

dia cosplay jadi azumi...sebenernya masih ada foto cosplay dia jadi kasumi DOAX tapi tau sendiri kan kasumi kaya gimana jadi tidak saya tampilkan :siul:

oiya...sekedar titipan pesan dari mizuhara-chan >.<

QuoteHello, I am Arisa, a professional cosplayer of Japan. (^0^)/ Nice to meet you. I want to be here to make friends. Sorry my bad english. I hope you help me better it.

What is professional cosplayer?
Cosplayer is person who dress up to look like character from anime, manga, computer game, book, movie etc. The costume are usually hand-made by cosplayer themself. Cosplay is hobby to those who do not work and earn money from it. For me, it is both work and hobby.
Professional cosplayer is cosplayer who make money from cosplaying. As professional cosplayer, I model in costume for photoshoot and cdrom, make special appearance and performance in roadshow and cosplay event as showgirl. All the costume are made by myself!

My Services
Visiting Japan, or living in Japan and interested in anime/cosplay cultures? I can offer you some fun. d(-_^) I have met with several foreign friend who like anime and cosplay girls and all of them enjoy the time with me. Here is what I offer:
1. Showgirl for event, party, stage performance. I can sing, dance and host  3(-_^) in costume!
2. Media. for tv, advertisement, print job
3. Design, costume making. I make all my costume myself. I can make for you too!

Let me Make Your Fantasy Come True!
Are you in love with any anime heroine? I can cosplay as her and we go on a date! I have many costume for you to choose from (full list will be available soon). I can act the character very well and you will fulfil the fantasy to be with your favorite anime girl.
To ask for more detailed informations and costs for all services, please message me or email me Thanks!

hihihi siapa tau ada yang berminat XD