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A Single Record within Naturalis Historia
« on: November 11, 2019, 12:42:59 AM »
[Revoking the permission 'Authority' from main character]
['Authority' has returned to 'Creator']

It probably would be hard and incomprehensible to introduce this digital being as the Main Character, so I had to revoke 'Authority' in order to clear any misunderstanding and clarify any inquiries.

<Self-Introduction and Identity Clarification>
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[Granting permission 'Lingual Translation' to 'Creator']
[Revoking 'Identity Concealment' from 'Creator']

Nama: Irsyad Riyan Putranto
Studi: <ITB> SITH-S
NIM: 16119097
TTL: Bogor, 2 Januari 2002
Alamat (Bandung): Jalan Cisitu Baru 13, Coblong

<Meddlings and Whimsical Activities>
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Worldbuilding: Currently developing an entirely separate world from this one with their own set of fundamental mechanism (including the concept of magic), this includes every aspect of worldbuilding down from atomic interaction to phylogenetic evolutionary tree.

Storywriting: The actual kickstarter of the aforementioned hobby, and a habit since childhood. A rather poor writer, nonetheless.

Study: An ignorant learner, a faithful believer that every study is important and has interest in every subject (except economy, apparently). Back then was a carefree student, now would gladly learn about anything in order to accomplish the aforementioned hobby. Major interest in Biology and life sciences.

Physicals: Sports such as badminton, running, and cycling are favorable. Interested in other sports, but not in a competitive sense.

Artistics: Meddles mostly in drawing and music. A fairly good tracer, but a mediocre drawing artist. Also jack-of-all-instruments.

<Likings and Admirations>
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[List contains too many variables, determining exemplary 'Favored List']

Games: Touhou Project, Girls' Frontline, Monster Hunter, Fate/Grand Order, Rainbow Six: Siege, Phantasy Star Online 2
Manga: Made in Abyss, Houseki no Kuni, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Tongari Booshi no Atelier
Music: Anything Touhou related, Game and Anime (especially aforementioned) BGM & OST, Vocaloid's
Vocals: majiko, iri, Yuki Akira, Aimyon, Uru, Eclipseed, fhána, Soutaiseiriron, Yuuka Ueno, ClariS, Hanatan
Novel: Mushoku Tensei, Release that Witch, The Novel's Extra
Fetish: [REDACTED] ['Author' Note: "You may talk privately with me if you wish to know"]

<Hopes, Dreams, and Reasons>
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One of the reasons to live and continue studying is, ultimately, finishing 'my' world. In a way, also wishes to understand the underlying mechanisms behind the way this world works. Alongside finishing the world, there's also trifling dreams such as able to create the element of storywriting, music composing, game making, art illustrating, and character designing. Sometimes regarded as desiring too much, yet accomplishes none. Reason for joining Genshiken is the same as aforementioned, included within is seeking for like-minded people.

Future plan has been and always will be, the same: becoming a better person. It is the 'causa ultima'.

A person who seeks out to understand every single knowledge in this world. Someone who rarely regrets, and could find a good (and incidentally, bad) within every single thing. A completely mediocre-level and capable jack-of-all-trades, wishes to know everyone better in order to develop even more 'trades'.

So long as you can maintain a conversation with me for over 5 minutes, I may think of you as a lifelong companion. Probability and entropy has led us to meet and converse with each other, and I dislike wasting a divine interference such as that.

Let's build some world together.

Bid you a bye,

[Converting 'Will' to 'Blessings and Prayers']
[Revoking the permission 'Authority' from 'Creator']
['Authority' has returned to main character]

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