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[diskusi] Magico
« on: March 15, 2012, 07:19:18 PM »
Kenapa sub-forum ini sepi sekali = 3=. Karena gw lebih aktif baca manga daripada nonton anime, coba ramein ah~

Ada yang baca ini?


Author: Iwamoto Naoki

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen

Sixteen-year-old Emma finally arrives at the capital city Hawk Eye after escaping from being held captive for her entire life. But as soon as she arrives, every man in the city, including the king, falls madly in love with her. She is about to be forced into marriage, but is saved by a sorcerer. The sorcerer identifies himself as Shion, one of the youngest and most talented in the nation. They have met before, but Emma has no recollection.

Shion explains to Emma that she is cursed with the Ekidona, a mysterious magic that happens every 500 years where a girl is born with her heart packed with such powerful dark magic that it has the potential to destroy the world. With such power, one could rule the world, and Shion explains to Emma that people are going to try and hunt her down to get her heart. However, Emma is told that there exists a ritual that will rid her of the Ekidona curse but doing so will require a long and arduous process. The first of that being Emma and Shion will have to marry each other...

Dari segi artwork bagus, baik di battle scene ato nggak. Dan meskipun tema utamanya romance comedy, tapi battle scenenya juga keren, udah gitu konsep magicnya lumayan menarik. Tapi yagn paling penting romancenya monyol abis =)). Overall bagus sih, cuma sayangnya akhir2 ini di urutan bawah -__-

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Re: [diskusi] Magico
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2012, 06:59:38 PM »
oke aku tertarik dengan siapa sosok yang memiliki akun indigochild ini wkwkw...
btw, kasian ini manga..
jadi aku kasih reply deh, as long as WSJ and translated, I would most likely read it haha..